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Flights from Toronto to Paris for $885

Air France

France in September is a wonderful place to be. We have found flights from Toronto to Paris for $885. The flight we have chosen to demonstrate this price is to be booked here through Air France. In addition to clicking the highlighted link you can search your flight to find the price right here.

Once you have clicked the above link you will be directed to the Air France page to book your flight.

Air France

You will be able to see which destinations you can fly and the price that is being advertised. Although these prices may appear at the time of the blog post they may fluctuate. There are conditions that apply to some of these flights and they are outlined below.

Conditions to Air France Flights

Now that you agree to the conditions you will have the opportunity to fly from Toronto to Paris for $885 as you can see. Below is a screenshot of the final price once you have picked your preferred departure and arrival times. You can fly from Toronto to Paris for relatively cheap.

Toronto to Paris Toronto to Paris $1020

Now that you can see with all your taxes and fees you come to just over $1020. This is flying directly from Toronto to Paris. If you like this deal and like our website make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also take a blouse below at some of our other incredible deals.

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Mont Tremblant, Canada

Sudbury to Ottawa Flight and Hotel for 2 Nights Only $473

Ottawa Travel Deal

Tired of the 6 hour drive to Ottawa? Fly from Sudbury to Ottawa flight and hotel for 2 nights only $473 plus taxes. This price is for the weekend of July 20-22 and you would be staying at Arc The Hotel in Downtown Ottawa. This Boutique hotel experience is luxury at its finest. You will be close to Parliament Hill and the Byword Market. This hotel also has an upscale restaurant on site and valet parking if you decide to drive instead of fly.

This incredible deal is available to you here. Flight + Hotel Deals for C$699 or less! We are using Expedia to give you this opportunity and below we will walk you through step by step on how to obtain it.

When you click the link above you will be taken to this page.

Once you have come to this page you will insert the cities as I have done. Leaving from Sudbury and going to Ottawa. Next once you have entered the cities you will put the dates of leaving July 20th and Returning July 22nd and hit search.

Ottawa Hotels

You will see the option for Arc The Hotel and will want to select it. Since you and a guest will be staying there you will see the price of $473 each, plus applicable taxes.

Room Arc the Hotel

Now that you have selected the hotel you will be promoted to select the room. For the purpose of this demonstration we chose the standard room.

Arc The Hotel Room

Now to select your flight from Sudbury to Ottawa and as you can see we selected one that brings down the price by $12!

Flight Ottawa to Sudbury

Now we will select the flight from Ottawa to Sudbury and the time.

Ottawa to Sudbury Vacation

Once we have done all of this you will be given the total for your vacation.

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