What do you need to know about flights to the Philippines?

It’s hard to find a flight that isn’t booked by another company, so let’s explore what you need before you book a flight.1.What’s the price?You need to book a minimum of 4 days.2.When is the flight?When the airline says it’s on a holiday, that’s a good indication that the flight will be on a weekend or holiday.3.What time do you […]

How to get a plane ticket to Fiji on a budget – and how to avoid the scams

Posted June 02, 2019 07:10:16We all know the “no questions asked” rule in the US.The US Airways blog post about their new fares, for example, states: “We understand that your first flight may be booked online or through a travel agent, but you are asked to provide a valid US passport or visa.”So, the rules are pretty simple, right?Wrong.It turns […]