How to check air travel status on American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta flights

A few weeks ago, a passenger on a United Airlines flight to Dallas was asked about his Delta Flight 843 flight.He told his agent, “I have to fly on United Airlines, because the Delta Air Lines is my main airline.”That’s because United, Delta and American are part of the same airline.“United is my primary airline,” the passenger told his friend, […]

When you see a big green rectangle, you’re in the middle of a big story!

Posted October 29, 2018 08:29:38 This morning, the Southwest Airlines flight map went into overdrive.The airline, the airline, and its flight crew, who were tasked with providing the safest travel experience possible, have had to spend much of the past week in a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.With the outbreak spreading to more than 90 countries, airlines across […]