What you need to know about flights to the Philippines

A look at the international flights, hotels, attractions and attractions that will make it a memorable stop for the U.S. or Canada.A lot of them are on the cheap, too.Here’s a look at some of the best deals available.What you need: •Airline flights: The price of airfare in the Philippines is among the lowest in the world.It’s about $1,100 per […]

Why the airline industry’s airlines aren’t paying for the new airfare

AOPA chief executive officer and CEO of the National Airline Pilots Association, Bob Quinn, has come under scrutiny for his comments about the airline business.He made his remarks during an event sponsored by the National Airlines Association last week.Quinn said that “nobody pays the airlines for the travel,” and that they should instead provide their own revenue streams to the […]

How to find your missing flight from Miami to Dallas

You have a flight from the Miami area to Dallas, you just need to get in touch with your local airline and you will be on your way.But you may not be able to find out for sure until you have your flight tracker on hand.If you are searching for your missing airline flight, you may need to use this […]

Airline Flights to Israel: Airbus A320-200 to Greece

Airbus A321-200 flights from Frankfurt to Athens will begin on January 13, 2018, according to Airbus.The company announced on Thursday that it will also begin flights to Israel on January 8, 2018.Airbus A321 with a full-length wing and tail section and wing and ailerons from Frankfurt, Germany.Airbus logo Airline Flows to Israel Airspace Map Airplane Flights by Destination Air France […]

When will you go to the movies?

When will I go to a movie?For some, that answer will be answered by a phone call or a text message.Others, that question will be asked by a video chat.For others, that will be a question from a friend or a family member.A group of students in the Philadelphia campus of Penn State University, for instance, will all gather at […]

US charter plane crashes after landing on runway, killing five passengers

Four people died and five others were injured when a charter plane carrying US charter passengers crashed off a Nevada airport early Saturday, the National Transportation Safety Board said.The plane was en route from Seattle to Las Vegas when it ran out of fuel at the Henderson airport, NTSB Chairman Robert P. McCaw said in a statement.No injuries were reported.The […]

Which airlines are offering the best deals?

The airlines in this list are those that offer a good value and that offer direct flights from Israel to the United States, while not offering direct flights to Iran or Iraq.The airlines that offer no direct flights but are offering direct service include: Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, United Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska […]

Border crossing at 3:20 p.m. Arizona to Mexico, California to Texas, Canada to Canada, Australia to New Zealand, New Zealand to Australia

Now Playing: U.S. Border to reopen after hurricane, ‘disaster’ Now Playing.Now Playing U.K. to reopen borders after Brexit, ‘superstorm’ Now Play.Now Play ‘Superstorm Sandy’ in NYC: How a few feet of water could destroy entire city Now Playing Trump to blame for New York’s destruction, ‘fear of storm’ Now Listening: ‘The Last Jedi’ review: An epic adventure of the Force […]

Why do you have to take your passport with you on flights to the UK?

Travelers travelling to the U.K. from the United States can take their passports with them, but many airlines have recently been raising the standard to require a separate paper form.The BBC’s Alistair Leithead reports from London.

How to get around the Florida airport shutdown

Southwest Airlines has canceled flights to Jacksonville-area airports and has temporarily shut down flights to Florida, officials announced.The flights will not resume until flights resume.Affected airlines include: Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines will temporarily suspend flights to and from Jackson, Jacksonville and Fort Myers-Port St. Lucie.Delta Air Lines Delta Airlines will be reopening all of its flights.Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines will […]


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