How to buy cheap flights on cheap flights – here’s how

My flights were cheap, and I booked them using the CheapFly app.The app’s price was right, but I could barely pay the deposit on the first night of my trip.A week later I had to pay the money back.The second week I paid, but only a fraction of the amount I had borrowed.I had also borrowed the cost of a […]

How to get a cheap flight to Denver: 7500 flights to Denver, Denver flights to San Francisco

My flight to San Diego was supposed to take me to Denver but my flight was cancelled.That’s why I am posting this article on my Facebook page.I had to fly to San Fran with the cheapest flights possible to avoid the hassle.This is a common flight that I’ve had to make in the past.It’s an 8:40pm flight from New York […]

How to fly cheap flights to Switzerland

If you’re in Switzerland, you might not be aware that you can take a cheap flight from New York to Zurich.The Swiss have been flying cheap since the late 1980s, when a local airline took the route.The country also has a reputation for being a very good country for buying cheap flights.But what does that mean?Here’s a guide to how […]

Airfare deals for the 2019 Pilates in China

Read MoreThe Airline Group’s Pilates and Fitness Centre at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport is the only one in China that offers free Pilates classes and has its own yoga studio.The company is not the only Chinese airline to have offered free Pilate classes.Air China offers a Pilates class on board its aircraft at Hong Kong’s Hong Kong International Airport, which is […]