Frontier flight status: 9:30 am ET | New flights to Portland to kick off tomorrow

New flights have been announced for tomorrow’s Frontier Flight Status Day.Here are the first ones:9:30 a.m.— Portland, Oregon — First Frontier Flight: This Frontier flight will depart from Portland International Airport at 9:00 a..m., arriving at Portland’s Logan International Airport in time for dinner and to meet with Frontier employees and other guests.The flight will arrive in Portland around 12:30 […]

How to get a new flight status from your flights to Switzerland

A few weeks ago I was flying from Tokyo to Nanjing on an Airbus A321, a new type of flight from Japan to China, when I received a flight status message that said my flight had been cancelled due to weather.It was a long way from Tokyo and I had been flying for a few days. I had no idea why […]

Which airlines will be allowed to fly over the United States from 2019?

Check out our full coverage of the upcoming 2017-2020 airlines for flights that will allow passengers to fly through the United State without permission.The list of approved flights includes:Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Virgin America, American Eagle, American Express, JetPilot, Frontier Airlines, Frontier Business, Frontier Express, Frontier Premier, Southwest Business Jet, and Southwest Express.If […]

How to make your own flight simulator with the free app

Australian travellers are turning to flights simulator apps to help them with their flying plans, but the software doesn’t offer many of the flight sim features you might expect.In fact, you won’t be able to control your flight and there are no real-time flight modes or simulated weather.“There’s no real flight simulator to fly on,” says Ian Watson, director of […]


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